About Rc Wing

RC Wing is a team of Engineers/Scientists, alumnus of the elite educational institutes of this country like IITs, have pioneered the state-of-art technology in RC. It is going to kick start its campaign on RC control and Embedded design throughout INDIA, for the students, those who wanted to excel their career in RC technology. Now-a-days, an engineering student has to overcome so many hurdles to compete in a fast moving world of technology. This jinx is going to be over very soon, and we are here to teach all the nuances of RC control, and share our decades of experience in Aero modelling and Robotics with the students. Our teaching methodology is going to break the knowledge barrier which was an age old problem for the students of this state. Certainly, there is no paucity of talent in wing, and they are equally comparable with the students from all over the world, but they are yet to flourish and set a milestone at national and international level. We are sure that RC wing is not going to disappoint you in any manner and put all its effort to bring the best out of a student.